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Mocha latte written in verse

The Poet's Coffee Shop
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Hey everyone. This is the Poet's Coffeeshop. It's the perfect way to get your poetry out there for people to read. Feel free to join and submit poetry, or just join to read the member's poetry. Maybe when we get enough members we can do contests. Also, feel free to make artwork for this community I'm sure we'd love to see it. The rules are there are no rules. The only thing that won't be tolerated is intolerance. Any hateful, mean, slandering, rude language on this community will result in being taken out of this community. Profanity and sexual content is accepted as long as the profanity is not directed at any one person and the sexual content isn't pornographic (i.e. pictures or whatever). If its written in your poetry, feel free to submit. If I, the MOD, feels an entry is out of hand I'll erase the entry or ask that you change it. Don't worry I wont be strict haha. So, to conclude, use your imagination and always know that POETRY IS LOVE!