marie antoinette (randomturtle13) wrote in poet_coffeeshop,
marie antoinette

we stand here, as close as two strangers could be.
but we aren't strangers. we're supposed to be close.
we're two different people, two different souls.
but i swear i've let myself be this way.
i could help myself, couldn't i?
it's almost as if my heart is stone.
and i won't let anyone in anymore.
except for once. once when i let him in.
once when i let myself feel real.
once when i let myself feel love.
but that was wasted, thrown away.
and now i feel hopeless, and stupid, and evil.
like i could never let someone in again.
i've tried so many times, and all i've done is hurt.
that's all i've done. and i hate it.
i hate hurting people, and i don't want to.
i've been locked away for so long.
it might as well be real.
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