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hot tears

hot tears flow off of my cheek,

right next to my lips.

i wonder why tears taste the way they do.

i'm so worn out on the inside.

like when you wash your favourite t-shirt,

way too many times.

hah, i want to write something beautiful.

but the subject too ugly,

too stupid and sad to write something

so lovely and poetic about.

and it seems that these words i spew

are hateful, or they come out as screams.

i hate what's happening.

i hate this, now, the present.

i tend to reminisce, and you know what?

i like it. a temporary relief of everything

and anything that's happening NOW.

it seems as thought there's a continuous air

of heartache, or depression that hovers over me.

no amount of medicine or friends or conversation

can fix what i feel. i wish they could.

oh, how i wish they could.

i'm so tired, and my body aches.

and most of all, my eyes hurt and sting with hot tears.

and why? because i can't help myself.

i'm too small, too weak, and i pity myself.

because i'm just a stupid girl in a big world.

and i'm going crazy. and i've let myself go.

just as i've let these hot tears fall

and scald my ever smiling face.


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