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it's been six weeks.

so i thought i'd put something in here. i doubt any of you read this anymore, but here:

A quick peak at the sky,
a few words muttered between sighs.
she puts on her make-up
and her shoelaces are tied up.
She’s all dolled up.
But no one can see.
She’s a great actress in different ways.
She doesn’t star in many of the school’s plays.
Kids walking through the hallway in a daze,
High school is as fun as it can be.
Her motto is “Just grin and bear it.”
She’s got nothing to bear with.
Only one thing that she’ll miss.
It’s not a thing, but a he.
She can fool you with a wink of an eye.
She’s the connoiseur of all kinds of lies.
She’s the messenger of hate and despise,
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