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ahh yess... it's backk...

i wrote this last night at four in the morning. it's just a stupid little rhyme thingy. it's not that good. but it got everything out that i needed. it's sad. yes.

I would kiss each finger, and I would touch your face.
I would give up the world just to have your taste.
I could remember all the little things about you,
and I used to adore them. and I still do.
I could reach out and touch your cross-cutout ring.
I could remember what your smile used to always bring.
I would love you all the way, from head to toe.
I would love you, and we could continue to grow.
I would love each and every little scar,
as if it was another universe, another beautiful star.
I could kiss you each morning, and love you just the same.
I could kiss you when you’re angry and when I’m insane.
I could love you with every fiber of my being.
I still love you when I’m not the one you’re seeing.
I would listen to your music day and night
as long as you would listen to me and hold me tight.
I would let you do whatever you wanted to do
as long as you kept saying “baby, I love you.”
I would love you even if you treated me wrong.
I would cry to every single sad song.
I would love you each morning and every day.
I would love everything about you, and your every way.
I think I could love just seeing your wonderful eyes.
I think I could forgive you for all of your painful lies.
I think I could love you more than I would ever know.
I think I could love you until you told me to go.
And even when you tell me to leave, all I can do is mourn.
Because I’ll love you forever, and all I'll feel is torn.
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