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so lately i've been feeling antisocial.
told my shrink, and he said i need a man.
a man for what? i says to the doc.
well, a man to please you 'round the clock.
well, i says, i'm fine just the way i am.
but i'll tell you a thing or two.
i wouldn't mind a pill or maybe five.
a smile on my face would be quite nice.
a pill just wouldn't work, the doctor tells me.
i'll tell you what won't work, doc.
this routine you've implanted in your head.
it's like you're recording every thing i've ever said.
and one more thing, i says with a smile on my face.
i got myself a man, and he's pretty damn nice.
but one thing i will tell you
is that he's got the greatest eyes of blue.

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